Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Amazing 3D Paper Design

Gold Plated Mercedes

Can you imagine car fully gold plated? Something mind boggling right? Yes we bring you the all new gold plated Mercedes c63 AMG, the latest sensation from Mercedes for the upper end customers who want to show off their wealth by some luxurious possession. Its really a car which will enthrall you, if you look at it even once. The shine of the gold colour body will linger in your memory for long time to come.

This gold coated Mercedes c63 AMG was recently launched at Dubai in the very famous Mall of the Emirates. People were just stunned to look at it for the first time. The gold coated body with some of the finest exterior designing has given the car an amazing look. The flawless painting job on its exterior has been done with a great effort to give it a perfect look. Even the interiors are so designed to give the riders a smooth and a memorable experience.

Mercedes is known for its class all the time from history and this all new gold coated Mercedes c63 AMG will add luster to its already prevailing image in the market. This car has been specially designed to serve a certain category of people in the rich countries. Now dont make a wrong guess of the price of the car. Can
you? It perfectly suits the need of the showy and people who really want to leave a style statement behind everyone.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

tuning cars

this is very cool cars